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Who We Are

We are your Partner in Productivity powering digital transformation through integration of solutions in hundreds of companies globally.

Fort7 has remarkable expertise in facilitating integration to support our clients’ enterprise strategy. In addition to our Integration services, we are also value-added resellers (VARs).

We work with many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and we are up to date on recent developments, innovations and providers.

What We Do

Simplifies Complex Projects
With all our resources and expertise, we are highly capable of integrating all the components of your complex infrastructure.
Provides Expertise outside Realm
We are not only knowledgeable about specific vendors and products but we are also used to navigating the industry world as a whole.
Quickens the Learning Curve
Our intricate knowledge of hardware and software prove invaluable in the training phase. We facilitate system testing and end-user training by providing training materials for navigating the fully integrated environment. We finally equip employees to free up your internal team from shouldering the full burden of system design, implementation, testing and training.
Reveals Key Legacy Integrations
We ensure your investment fits seamlessly with your existing systems. We help you piece together the data, architecture and other components you need based on the limitations of your legacy system so that you don’t have to abandon your existing hardware and assets as you embrace more modern technology. This approach can save your company money and help you expand functionality, all at once.

How We Do It

We help you integrate and manage all your assets so that you are rest assured that the solutions you implement result in a seamless integration that encourages user adoption and drives continued momentum.

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